Ever wondered how cardboard was made?

Ever wondered how cardboard was made?

We at Lil Packaging take great satisfaction in just being experts in anything packaging-related, therefore today we're exploring the complexities of cardboard as well as its history.

The Evolution of Cardboard

For many years, humans have relied on cardboard, also known as either corrugated board or paperboard, as a basic construction material. Papyrus, a kind of paper manufactured of reeds, was used, for instance, by the ancient Egyptians to create boxes and other containers. But the creation of modern cardboard didn't occur until the first half of the 19th century.

Henry Wright, an English businessman, invented a machine which could create corrugated paper in 1817. This particular kind of paper has a wavy design that makes it tougher and more resilient. Wright's creation, which was used to create boxes for delivering products, immediately became well-known.

The Manufacture of Cardboard

Various resources, including recycled paper and wood pulp, are combined to make cardboard. The cutting down of trees is the first step in the production of cardboard. After being felled, the trees are sent to a pulp factory where they are converted into wood pulp.

The wood pulp is mixed with water and chemicals to create a slurry. The slurry is then poured onto a giant conveyor belt, where it is flattened and dried. This creates the base layer of cardboard.

This base layer is then surrounded by a layer of corrugated paper. The cardboard's wavy appearance is a result of this recycled paper layer. The two layers are therefore joined by adhesive to produce a strong and elastic material.

The Utilization of Cardboard

Countless things, like cereal boxes and delivery boxes, include cardboard. It is also used in building since it makes good walls and roofs and is a great insulator.

Cardboard is also a popular material for DIY projects, as it's easy to cut and shape. Many people use it to make furniture, decorations, and even costumes.

Boxes, envelopes, and even premium bespoke packaging are all made at Lil Packaging using cardboard and sustainable materials as the primary material. So the next time you see a cardboard box, you'll be aware of its history and all the different purposes it may fulfil.

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