The House of Baukjen Bespoke - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

The House of Baukjen Bespoke - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

Elite Internet retailer, The House of Baukjen (known for premium womenswear & iconic maternity wear worn by famous celebrities) have always been focused on moving away from plastic packaging however they wanted to ensure that their packaging would not only be sustainable but also a premium solution.

The Challenge

By the end of 2017, The House of Baukjen had realised that internet dispatches in plastic polybags had increased to approximately 30% of all dispatches, being used particularly heavily during sale periods. While the remaining orders were being boxed, the boxes themselves lacked material traceability/communication to the customer as to their sustainability other than the logo ‘recycle’. The polythene postal sacks mailbags didn’t even have such ‘recycle’ instructions because they are not recyclable.

The Solution

Lil begun the project in the summer of 2018 by promising FSC® sustainability and use of eco inks on Baukjen I.O. web boxes however as many as 8 advantages were identified in the proposal of the Lil Mailbox solution:

  • PLASTIC FREE – Peel & Seal means no additional parcel tape required
  • FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) certifying full traceability from farmed trees to UK box manufacture.
  • ECO INKS – vegetable & water-based inks
  • IMPROVED SECURITY – side locking tabs
  • FASTER POP-UP BOX FULFILMENT SPEED – ensures internet orders dispatched on time
  • MUCH IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Seasonal Artwork variations
  • INCREASED STRENGTH – For protection of delicate garments
  • INCREASED PALLET QUANTITY – To reduce Carbon Footprint

At the end of 2019 an entirely cardboard based tear-strip was introduced to open the parcels. This ensured the ecommerce boxes were 100% BIODEGRADABLE IN 3MONTHS – inviting Baukjen I.O. customers to try the home-composting and the creative Baukjen Isabella Oliver group customers came up with several other innovative uses for the boxes after receiving their goods such as a cage for a fledgling Robin!

Following the successful implementation of the internet postal box improvements in July 2018, 100% of effort was now focused on how to develop a 100% sustainable alternative to the single-use Baukjen I.O. polythene plastic mailbags. Lil showed Baukjen I.O. in October 2018, what turned out to be the world’s first production of a kraft paper alternative to an internet mail-order fashion polybag, named Lil Bag. It offered the following benefits to Baukjen I.O.custom postal packaging for ecommerce internet retailing

The Outcome

Following the successful trials of the Lil Mailbox and Lil Bag, The House of Baukjen agreed that these were the perfect solution for their packaging needs and in October 2018 they became the first premium UK fashion retailers to have eradicated plastics from their packaging. As well as this they were also delighted with the unboxing experience their packaging now provided for their customers.

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