Fathers day

Fathers day

Father's Day!

Still viewed by many as a religious festival, Father's Day ,21st June 2020 is set to honour the fathers and father figures in our life such as grandparents or favourite uncles – sending them cards and gifts in remembrance of their love and support.

But where did this celebration originate? Father's Day, is believed to have emenated directly from Mother's Day in 1910 in the United States and influenced by a lady named Sonora Smart Dodd.

Having lost her own mother as a child, Sonora felt strongly that her own dear Father and others like him should receive similar recognition to Mother's. Suggesting her own Father's birthday as the original celebration date, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance decided to make the third Sunday in June the official celebration day. As with many events, this special day eventually filtered through to the UK.

Observed at a time when it remains tricky to spend time or even see some loved ones and high street retail remains inaccessible - shopping on the internet for Father's Day gifts is set to be even more popular this year.

As one of the most celebrated occasions in the calendar, how can you upscale your customer's Father's Day eCommerce unboxing experience this year? Trusted by customers such as BEAUTY BAY, Charlotte Tilbury and Samsung, how about utilising the Lil iSP343 Breezebox...

The perfect package!

If you haven't already heard of Breezebox, it's the biggest break-through in Luxury E-commerce packaging: the ingenious adhesive integrated tissue-paper acts as clever wrapping paper within the e-commerce box shell. It has just enough adhesion to wrap and protect whatever is inside securely and safeguards everything with sophisticated style. It's the only way of stopping items rattling around within a box without the use of voidfill or plastics.

These mailing boxes are perfect for posting father's day gifts direct from supplier such as clothing, shoes and large personal grooming items efficiently, as well as technology items, homeware, garden luxuries and other goods of high value. Everything including our magic Breezepaper tissue paper can be custom printed.

The isp343 Breezebox is very strong and three times faster to pack than a standard '0201' style corrugated box. Using our strong and stiff corrugated cardboard with an attractive 'kraft' external finish, the iSP343 also features a 'thank you for shopping with us' internal printed message.

Thanks to the unique security features such as the the side locks and tamper-evident tear-strip, you can safely and securely mail high value Father's Day gifts. All Breezeboxes feature our leading hot melt peel'n'seal / heringbone tear-strip system for easy sealing and easy opening of the mailbox. Our entire Breezebox range is also 100% recyclable, FSC® certified and is now also plastic free!

What could you do on Father's Day to mark the occasion? Perhaps a country or seaside walk with the loved ones in your household. We might not be able to visit our favourite restaurants, but a special meal at home, breakfast in bed or a picnic in the park might be just the ticket!





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