National Snack Food Month - Letterbox sized Packaging for Snacks

National Snack Food Month - Letterbox sized Packaging for Snacks

The month of February welcomes a celebration of snack food - a time of year when perhaps we are spending more time indoors and evenings are perceivably longer!

You would imagine that this would be an ideal time to reach for the snacks but in fact, National Snack Food Month was founded in 1989 by the National Snack Food Association and the National Potato Promotion Board in a bid to boost the amount of snacks consumed at a time when consumption was actually low. Perhaps an overindulgence over the festive period would traditionally lead to a reduction of munching between meals in an effort to lose those extra pounds gained at Christmas or a tightening of the pocket, following an overspend.

Much has changed since 1989. We are all much more aware of good nutrition. Snack foods do not have to be unhealthy. In fact, eating nutritional snacks between meals can be highly beneficial in helping us to increase our 5 a day! Busy people, or those working from home, can now benefit from e-commerce snack subscription services, whereby healthy snacks such as nuts and dried fruits are delivered to your door!

But wait...where there is a snack, there usually comes an array of plastic packaging! Convenience food tends to go hand in hand with a wrapper or single use plastic packaging! Even some of the most healthy pre-prepared foods come in those little plastic containers. Optimistically, we are all becoming more aware of our buying habits and the impact that they have on our environment.

Here at Lil, we have spent the past 2 years tirelessly eradicating plastic from both our product line up and our warehousing and operations, as well as helping our internet retailing customers (from IR500 giants through to sellers on Etsy) make the switch to sustainable plastic free packaging.

We're still going through the processes, but we look forward to adding the Plastic Free certification mark to our products over the coming months and helping more and more online businesses to #mailhappy.

If you are looking for e-commerce snack packaging at its best, perhaps the Lil AELL01 could be for you! Brown in colour and guaranteed not to let you down, the Lil AELL01 cardboard pizza style, die cut postal box is made from single wall corrugated Kraft cardboard, FSC material.

This is our improved and perfected 21st century alternative to the inferior, bog-standard 19th century industry norm FEFCO 0420/ 0421/ 0426/ 0427/ 0428/ 0429 carton cases available from everywhere else. The difference is that our attention to detail gives you unboxing excellence in mailing internet retail... at an affordable low cost price.

In particular, the size of the Lil AELL01 is great for packaging up small items. Inherently strong and easy to use, we manufacture them in-house for quick assembly. Everything creases and locks into place faster with this product than anything else like it, thus speeding up your packaging process.

We produce the Lil AELL01 ourselves in our world class factory using FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) 150 Kraft E flute 150 Test corrugated cardboard. Sadly, we are the only packaging supplier to ensure that every single box we sell is guaranteed to be environmentally 'green'.

So...during February - why not focus on healthy snacks for busy people that don't require oodles of plastic packaging. Here's a tip from Lil that will save your waist line and the planet. Prepare your own! Many fruits come in their own nifty 'wrapper': the humble banana, kiwi or avocado. Think healthy...think 'green'...think Lil...

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