World Book Night

World Book Night

The majority of us will be familiar with World Book Day, a celebration of reading, first and foremost centred around children and the sharing of books.

In 2020, World Book Day took place on March 5th - but who knew that there is in fact a World Book Night! Aimed more towards the adult generation, this festival was first coined in 2011 and following in the footsteps of 'Book Day' this night is celebrated annually on April 23rd, thought to be the date that William Shakespeare was most likely to be born.

The Reading Agency now run World Book Night as part of a schedule of promoting literature and the benefits that reading can have in organisations such as care homes and mental health groups amongst other institutions.

Much like World Book Day, you could get involved by visiting a library, sharing books, donating books, or even buying a book and sending it to someone that perhaps might otherwise not read for pleasure or for whom, reading is challenging.

To find out more about World Book Night, or to tap into the list of inspirational literature that has been selected this year visit

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At Lil, we will appreciate the importance of literature on World Book Night. What will you do to mark the occasion?

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