Dents - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

Dents - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

Dents of England has handmade the world’s finest leather gloves since 1777 and is possibly Britain's oldest existing fashion manufacturer. Known for historically providing leather gloves to the British Royal Family, such as George VI and Elizabeth II's coronation gloves.

The Challenge

The business has been producing sustainable fashion long before the term was coined. All Dents gloves are made from the highest quality ethically sourced leather and are stitched to perfection, enabling them to last for decades when cared for properly. The challenge, however, was that Dent ecom packaging did not mirror the fine quality of its products and was in need of a serious ungraded.

The Problem

When our Product Development Manager had a meeting with Dents early in 2018, Operations Manager Robert Nash expressed his desire to improve the customer’s ecom unboxing experience from what he described at the time to be “unattractive and slow to fulfil packaging in need of a major upgrade”.

Dents had also stressed the importance that the packaging should support their ethos on sustainability and needed to be eco-friendly and British made.

The Solution

Lil Packaging had the perfect solution for Dents with their patented Mailbox. The key benefits of the Mailbox is its smart and innovative pop-up construction and the extra strong material. The pop-up base guarantees fast fulfilment and the product comes with hotmelt peel and seal so there is no need for unsightly tape. The mailbox is also is 100% recyclable and FSC® certified. Moreover, Lil Packaging only use plant-based ink, which is, of course, only adds to the eco-friendly credentials and supports Dents ethos on sustainability.

The Outcome

Dents discovered that Lil Mailbox was the perfect solution for their packaging needs and where absolutely thrilled with the environmental benefits, fast fulfilment and the improved unboxing experience that the Mailbox offered to their customers.

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