Packaging for Christmas

How prepare your packaging for Christmas

With the festive season rapidly approaching, which of course means that present buying is in full swing. With our front rooms turned into a more tasteful version of Santa’s Grotto. Your neighbour is putting up the same waving lights on the front of his house as always and the town covered in big flashing lights.

There are three types of people when it comes to present buying, those who plan ahead and are finished before end of the January sale, the sensible shoppers who start in Late Autumn, and the rest of us who do a 'last-minute-dot-com' shop of Amazon.

Buying online is a great option for most and for those who are prepared early enough on an expedition on the web to find the best presents.

What can Lil Packaging do?

Lil Packaging loves to help its customers when it comes to their packaging needs over the festive season. With eMarketer advising that in 2018 eCommerce sales around Christmas were at an all-time high with roughly 123.9 billion dollars spent online in 2018 and the growth is expected to keep coming. When it comes to our customers as an eCommerce company, making the transaction is as easy and stress-free as possible is huge. So as a business how can you bring joy to the Christmas shopping experience whilst thinking of the planet and reducing waste, here are some key ideas.

Choose the right type of packaging

When it comes to choosing packaging that works for a product, Lil Packaging is on hand to help. Deciding on a packaging option that suits your business needs is important for a number of reasons including:

Stop items getting damaged

Around Christmas time the stress is vamped up, sales are massively up leaving staff working overtime. Making sure all of the items being sent out in the correct packaging will lower the risk of it being damaged. Throwing a small item in an extra-large box full of plastic packaging, for example, can leave the item damaged from being transported and result in lots of waste. Using a postal box in the right size for your item can help to protect the item without including plastic. We are happy to be part of the movement who are able to help items get to their destination without getting damaged.

Amount of waste

With waste using in packaging a lot of it ends up in the bin once it’s used. We’ve all been there, after opening a plastic mailer, taking the item out and throwing it in the bin to go into landfill. By choosing more effectively when it comes to the type of packaging you’re using and also the sizing, a huge amount of waste can be avoided. For those looking to send a book in the post, one of our Lil Bookwraps are a fantastic choice can be chosen to fit the size of any book.

Provide easy returns

When it comes to returns, providing an easy solution when it comes returns is likely to help you with growth when it comes to shopping. If you’re visiting a site that doesn’t accept returns or expects the customer to pay, this can result in a bad taste. Providing free returns is useful when it comes to building customer loyalty. If you’re skeptical on offering a returns label in your packaging due to the excess paper it uses, why not provide your customers with an online return slip that they can print and use.

Make it personalised

As a customer, you expect to be treated well, as, at the end of the day, it’s you who keeps a business running. So providing a fantastic first impression is crucial when it comes to retaining business. When a customer makes a purchase with you why not encourage them to come back with a personalised discount code or vouchers for when they next order with you. Other ideas on making your parcels more personal include adding the name of the customer, adding festive treats e.g. a free cookie or a small token gift like a pen.

We hope these tips have provided some insight into creating the ultimate eCommerce experience for your customers this Christmas. To purchase packaging without the waste, head on over to Lil Packaging to find out more.

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