Lil Factory & Warehouse ** CLOSED FOR 2 WEEKS ** returning Wed 8th April [COVID19 UPDATE]

Lil Factory & Warehouse ** CLOSED FOR 2 WEEKS ** returning Wed 8th April [COVID19 UPDATE]


It is with regret, that we inform you that we have closed our manufacturing & warehouse HQ for a period of 2 weeks from 10:15am Wed 25th March 2020 and sent all of our colleagues home with immediate effect.

This has been a difficult decision, knowing our important role in the ecom supply chain, particularly since people rely on receiving internet orders while confined to their homes. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance to ensure the safest possible working environment.

Who can you contact at Lil to discuss any workaround?

It is important we keep our communication channels open and help you best we can through this situation. Our 20 colleagues in Sales/Finance/Procurement have been working from home for some time continuing to process orders/plan future productions.

They’re working harder than ever to reach-out to all customers/suppliers but please feel free to ask any questions sooner (however trivial you might think). Emails to and HQ Calls to +44(0)1480 396200 are being auto-diverted to their mobiles and we are all using zoom using their email addresses.

Extended Leadtimes ?

Please expect ALL leadtimes to be extended 2 weeks. Our website will still be operational (since some customers have asked to place forward orders) but it has been made clear on every page that web orders will not be dispatched until HQ re-opens Wed 8th April and there could be a backlog requiring 2 additional days to clear.

Might Lil factory/warehouse re-open sooner than Wed 8th April?

We hope to re-open sooner than 2 weeks but only if necessary remedies can be made to ensure a safe & sterile working environment in which this cannot reoccur and provided the UK Governtment still encourage Lil Packaging to continue operating as a necessary business in the vital ecom supply chain.

Keeping you and our colleagues safe, healthy and ‘mail happy’ remains our biggest priority and we hope we can find a workaround for you.

mail happy & keep safe.

Barry & Fred Lill

Owner / Directors

t: +44(0)1480 396200

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