Packaging sustainability has an impact on Gen Z customers.

Sustainable packaging looks to be a key element of Gen Z shoppers' purchasing behaviour, according to Duo's statistics, including 78 percent ranking having option of disposing and reusing packaging regionally as just a significant "environmental attribute." 

Generation Z seems to be more concerned with the longevity of packaging, therefore presents a fresh potential for businesses to shift environmental attitudes. There seems to be a possibility to involve a future of customers in thinking about packaging's environmental performance outside its end-of-life or recovery.
According to Duo's study, 73 percent of customers would like to be enabled to recycle their packaging. The flexibility to reseal packaging or easily modify postal destinations, and even the robustness & reliability of packaging, appear to be crucial concerns for Gen Z customers when it comes to e-commerce packaging.

Ultimately, 65 percent of Gen Z shoppers prefer to shop at stores that sell pre-owned products inside or digitally, according to the study. The ability that would save cash was indeed the key motivator for 31% of both the buyers polled by Duo would purchase secondhand products.

Although Gen Z appears to also have a significant predilection for online shopping, current COVID-19 epidemic had resulted in a substantial increase in e-commerce, with customers of all ages flocking to online shopping sites. Environmental packaging style is expected to stay an important feature in reaching customers when firms adjust to or utilize e-commerce developments.

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