Godiva - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

Godiva - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

‘What is life without chocolate?’

Nearly 100 years after being founded in Brussels, Godiva continue to honour their Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of Godiva chocolate is bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and wonderful ingredients.

Underpinning Godiva chocolate is an authenticity that flows from their proud Belgian heritage. Their Belgium 1926 logo reflects this spirit, paying homage to the time and place where their story first began and their namesake, Lady

Godiva, who embodies the values of passion and innovation they still hold dear today. Godiva owns and operates more than 600 shops in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia and is available via over 10,000 speciality retailers.

The Challenge

Having met with Godiva originally back in April 2017 at the IRX Trade Show in Birmingham they were suitably impressed with Lil’s wide range of eco-friendly, bespoke and custom print packaging solutions.

However the time was not quite at that point to explore any specific packaging opportunities in looking to see what Lil could offer.

It wasn’t then until Feb 2019, once Godiva had ramped up their Ecommerce presence (new website launched and much larger warehouse facilities acquired) that they were then in a position to discuss further Lil’s unique offering. 

The Problem

A meeting was then set up at their London HQ where it was quickly evident that Godiva were using far too much void fill across 6 x sizes of boxes which, in turn, proved laboriously slow to fulfil.

Their packaging & consumables were being sourced from Europe at the time and were also proving expensive as there were so many various components required to ensure their goods arrived safely.

However they were also conscious that current volumes still didn’t allow for their ideal upgrade to custom printed packaging, which they recognised could really launch their brand to a different level!!

The Solution

It was therefore agreed that with volumes as they were at that point, logical first step would be to look at our Lil catalogue stock range to see how best Lil could improve their current fulfilment speeds, whilst ideally reducing cost if possible and most importantly negating the need for so much void fill (especially the plastic element).

Lil’s Breezebox, Mailbox & Bookwraps (click on link) were quickly identified as being the perfect fit and with samples ordered initial internal testing was quickly then underway.

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