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We started creating these cardboard envelopes decades ago at Lil Packaging, but in recent years, we've really pushed the boundaries and innovated like crazy. That has evolved in a product that is hard to beat and unquestionably one of the finest in the industry at what it does, which is delivering merchandise between point A to point B swiftly, safely, securely, and in style.

High quality corrugated envelopes for ecommerce

  • We started selecting the strongest feasible card to get the best balance of shipping weight vs. strength for our clients - because we all know that weight costs more money in the mail!
  • We like to be ecologically responsible, thus all Lil goods, including these cardboard envelopes, are made using FSC® certified environmentally sustainable materials.
  • The shoulders of our glue seams on these envelopes are 'contoured' by our manufacturing plant to ensure a maximum of three material thicknesses in the completed product. This ensures that our envelopes 'fit' in the contexts to which they are delivered.
  • Have you ever tried to fold a card envelope that refused to fold? We had the same thought process as you, therefore we have been hard at work; we added pre-folding the flaps to an extra part of our machines that make it easier for our customers to close our envelopes. Easy peasy.
  • Perhaps the spookiest aspect of making these envelopes was deciding to incorporate 'ghost creases' on every one of our Lil envelopes to allow for the capacity of inserted items/contents being mailed - since we've all had that experience trying to have a book or dvd out of a package that was just too darn snug, right?
  • In e-commerce, fulfilment speed is critical. When you're packaging boxes and envelopes all day, every second counts in getting the product out and delivered as soon as possible. The white release paper on our envelope flap has overhangs that make it quick and easy to detach. It's always a plus for our clients to have the fastest packaging speed! There's video evidence to back it up!
  • We are one of the few European cardboard envelope makers using hot melt glue, a unique method of securing envelopes that ensures they remain closed until the consumer receives them!

What sets our cardboard envelopes apart is that they are always being developed based on input from our real-world internet retailers, including many of the largest! If we find a solution tomorrow, there's a high possibility it'll be adopted within four weeks of quality checking.

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