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Corrugated Envelopes

Lil Packaging's corrugated envelopes offer a perfect blend of rigidity, strength, and durability, making them ideal for shipping items in e-commerce. Over the decades, we've refined our approach, incorporating innovative features to ensure our corrugated envelopes are among the best in the industry. We select high-quality cardboard that balances shipping weight with structural strength, helping you save on postal costs without compromising on rigidity.

Our corrugated envelopes are designed with ecological sustainability in mind, constructed from FSC® certified environmentally friendly materials. Their unique 'contoured' glue seams maintain envelope shape while providing strength, ensuring that these rigid envelopes fit perfectly in a variety of shipping contexts.

Pre-folded flaps make closing our corrugated envelopes a breeze, and 'ghost creases' add flexibility to accommodate larger contents without causing damage. This makes inserting items like books and DVDs into our durable envelopes much easier.

To speed up fulfillment, a crucial aspect of e-commerce, we've added overhangs to our white release paper, allowing for quick and easy detachment. This feature helps your team package products faster, enabling quicker delivery to your customers. Our unique hot melt glue process ensures envelopes stay securely sealed until they reach their destination.

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Corrugated Envelopes FAQs

    • Do you provide different Corrugated Envelopes size and shape options?

      Our cardboard envelopes come in different sizes that are suitable for sending as large letters. Here are the dimensions:

      Lil "A" Envelopes:

      A-CD: 164mm x 180mm
      A1: 235mm x 176mm
      A194: 292mm x 194mm
      A194+: 334mm x 234mm
      A2: 334mm x 234mm
      A3: 352mm x 249mm
      A4: 400mm x 278mm
      A5: 448mm x 328mm

      Lil "M-Spec" Mailers:

      M-C0/3: 150mm x 215mm
      M-CD: 165mm x 180mm
      M-D1/4: 180mm x 265mm
      M-E2/5: 220mm x 265mm
      M-F3/6: 220mm x 340mm
      M2: 237mm x 322mm
      M3: 249mm x 352mm
      M-H5/8: 270mm x 360mm
      M-J6/9: 300mm x 445mm
      M4: 322mm x 384mm
      M-K7/10: 350mm x 470mm

    • What are your Corrugated Envelopes made from?

      Our products are made from corrugated kraft cardboard, which is FSC certified for sustainability.

  • Corrugated Envelopes Packaging Tutorial

    Our Lil Packaging YouTube channel is a hub of valuable information and inspiration for individuals and businesses looking to adopt sustainable packaging practices.

    What you can learn:

    • Step-by-step packaging gudies,
    • Educational Packaging videos
    • Product highlights
    • Expert insights from the business owner Fred Lil
    • Behind the scenes of our eco-friendly manufacturing centre
    • Customer Success Stories

    Viewers can discover the optimal packaging solutions for their business, enabling them to save on costs and time while ensuring minimal environmental impact and reducing their carbon footprint.

    • What are the other features and benefits?

    High-Quality Cardboard: Our cardboard envelopes are crafted from the strongest possible cardboard, ensuring durability during transit while also balancing shipping weight.

    Pre-folded Flaps: The flaps of our envelopes come pre-folded, streamlining the packing process and saving you time.

    Ghost Creases: Each envelope features ghost creases, offering flexibility to ensure your products fit perfectly without being too snug.

    • How durable are your Corrugated Envelopes compared to traditional postal options?

    Our cardboard envelopes are highly durable compared to traditional postal options. Our "M" range utilizes corrugated cardboard for added strength. Compared to poly mailers and jiffy bags, our envelopes offer superior protection for your items during shipping.

    • Does your e-commerce packaging meet any eco-certifications?

      All our ecommerce packaging if FSC and plastic free certified. We became the world's first (and still only) Zero Carbon packaging operation in February 2022. For every order we make a donation for a tree to be planted on your behalf.

    • How can I seal the Corrugated Envelopes?

    To seal our Corrugated Envelopes, we offer a convenient peel and seal / tear-strip system. This feature ensures easy sealing and opening, allowing you to save time and money by packing faster without the need for tape.

  • Trusted by Global Retailers!

    we're proud to partner with the biggest internet retailers worldwide, offering them custom printed packaging solutions that reflect their brand values and eco-conscious commitments.

    2024 Custom Packaging Trends

    1. Make opening your product exciting, boosting customer loyalty.

    2. Shows what your brand stands for and connect with customers.

    3. Encourage customers to post about their unboxing experience on social media.

    4. Clever packaging can cross-sell other products or extras.

    5. QR codes on custom packaging can gather customer feedback.

    • What postage tariff does this product fit?

      Our cardboard envelopes fall under the large letter postal tariff, making them letterbox-friendly and cost-effective for shipping

    • What Items would you recommend to ship in your Corrugated Envelopes?

    Our envelopes are suitable for CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, maps, computer games, small electronics, corporate reports, brochures, documents, photos, calendars, posters, and art prints. This list isn't exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of what our envelopes can accommodate. If you have other items you're unsure about, feel free to reach out for guidance.

    • Does your e-commerce packaging help in reducing shipping costs?

    Our smart packaging designs lower returns rates and product breakages. They help increase packing efficiency with self-sealing features, plus our packaging is tailored to postal tariffs' size and weight dimensions, saving you money on postage costs.

    • Do you offer samples?

    Samples can be purchased online. We also provide ecommerce packaging in various pack and pallet sizes to cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, from small-scale online sellers to large global internet retailers.

    • Do you offer customised Corrugated Envelopes?

    Yes, we offer customised printed packaging with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5000. Our dedicated packaging experts are available to assist you and your brand.

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