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Zero Carbon


  • Lil Packaging's off-the-grid factory

Meet the Zero Carbon Lil factory

We became the world's first (and still only) Zero Carbon packaging operation in February 2022. Choose us to reduce your carbon footprint by up to 6%*

*Corrugated postal ecommerce packaging typically represents between 4% - 6% of a retailers total carbon footprint. 

Fred Lill (left) and Barry Lill (right) celebrate 0.15W/m2 K thermally insulated U value.

Disconnected from mains gas & electricity off the grid, using only clean sustainable renewable energy for our all-electric machines & vehicles, we have completely eradicated our scopes 1 & 2. While this is a world’s first in our industry, we are having to offset our scope 3 (our entire supply chain) until diesel trucks become a rarity on roads.


  • Scope 1

    Zero by eradicating on-site use of gas & oil (was 157t CO2e 2020)

  • Scope 2

    Zero by Switching entirely to renewable energy (was 198t CO2e 2020)

  • Scope 3

    Nil by Entire offset of supply chain since Feb 22. See our certificates here

  • & More

    Committed to planting 1 million mangroves (arguably the worlds best at sequestering carbon) to counteract our entire trading history since 1983.

To understand the 4 steps to NET ZERO. Please study the bottom of this page.

(1. Carbon Neutral → 2. Zero Carbon factory →

3. Zero Carbon Operation → 4. Net Zero)

Our partnership with Amazon and The Climate Pledge is a commitment for businesses and organizations to take collective action on the world’s greatest crisis. Lil packaging were the 83rd global Signatory committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040—10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. [Some of the 400 global signatories pictured below.]

Discovering our 2020 footprint

How we achieved a ZERO CARBON footprint

4 steps to meet the NET-ZERO packaging definition

While we are proud to be leading the path to NET-ZERO, we are at step 3 of the 4 step journey to NET-ZERO illustrated below.

Having achieved ZERO-CARBON OPERATION, it is unlikely that any business will become NET-ZERO before 2030.

The SBTi's (science based targets initiative) clarification of NET-ZERO is that we must also achieve a 95% reduction
in our scope 3 supply chain (against our baseline 2020) to reduce reliance of offsets to only the most unsolvable cases.
Choosing suppliers with a shared net-zero vision is of paramount importance.

  • Step 1: Carbon Neutrality

    (offset scopes 1 & 2) -simple £500 offset. No effort to reduce emissions.

  • Step 2: Zero-Carbon Factory

    (ZERO scope 1 & 2) -Investment to reduce your own 'in-house' emissions.

  • Step 3: Zero-Carbon Operation

    (ZERO scope 1&2, offset 3) - Leap to offset scope 3, typically 95% of footprint.

  • Step 4: Net-Zero

    (ZERO scope 1&2, 95% reduced scope 3 to offset) Lil 10% reduced scope 3 to date.

We need a further 85% reduction scope 3 (since our baseline year 2020) to achieve the SBTi NET-ZERO definition.
We hope to achieve this by our 50th anniversary (2033) having been established our father & founder Roger Lill in 1983.