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Bespoke Packaging

We provide you with a bespoke packaging specification that gets it right — everytime.

At Lil Packaging, we have a long and successful history of manufacturing bespoke packaging boxes for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's supplying cardboard boxes to global internet giants or local distributors and retailers — pretty much everyone 

We have a simple process that we follow.

Beauty Bay Case Study

Learn how we helped Beauty Bay improve their sustainability, unboxing experience, reduced returns & shipping, and faster fulfilment

The Highest of Quality

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We pride ourselves in packaging

Here at Lil Packaging, we know how to produce quality cardboard bespoke wallets and pockets. This packaging range comes in many forms: features can include expanding gussets, printed inner gussets, and even extend to the ultra-protective flange end-buffered designs. We’ll always advise you on the best material, print and design formats to use, as well as provide additional security options such as hotmelt peel’n’seal / red tear-strip seal and open combinations.

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