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We are the first packaging manufacturer to be certified Plastic Free in 2020. But that’s only the start of it. Our innovative strip & stick design eliminates the need for extra tape, our inks are plant-based and we source sustainable, FSC® certified materials with no compromises.

Unboxing Experiences

Establishing a fantastic first impression is more crucial than ever within the custom ecommerce packaging sector; a massive shift to direct to consumer and a UK boom in ecommerce that saw the 2030 objective met in the last ten months of 2020. We believe its important each brands gets to its goal before its to late.

Reduced Returns & Shipping

We've designed a line of super-efficient post-box packaging that save money on postage while allowing packages to be easily slipped through a letterbox. Why not make it custom to your brand & make it yours?

Faster & More Efficient Fulfilment

When compared to rival goods, our products take half the time to build and have double the capacity, resulting in a fifth of the labour expenses.

A Lil' Different Approach to Packaging

At Lil, we constantly push the boundaries of ecommerce packaging manufacture

We’ve become recognised as the innovators in paperboard, unboxing alternatives and since then our products have replaced over 450 million plastic bags destined for either landfill, incineration or the oceans.
All of our base materials are FSC™ certified and none of our products use any plastic.
And better still, none of our products need to be sealed with packaging tape. Our packaging is the strongest there is, and we don’t compromise on anything we do including the material we specify for all our products. In fact we see ourselves as setting the standard by which all competing products are judged. So every product in our range has been time and motion studied to ensure that they provide an additional benefit of reduced labour time through larger capacity and ease of use, including our peel and seal closure strips.
As they say a Lil can go a long, long way and we never stop looking for new innovations which maintain us at the manufacturing forefront of unboxing experiences.

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