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The Lil Packaging Bukwrap is the original, and best, book wrap on the market. Available to protect almost any size of book, from comic books to encyclopedias, our cardboard book wraps are the perfect packaging solution for e-commerce retailers to deliver books to their customers safely.

Lil Bukwrap® and Twistwraps - Highly protective book wraps

Our award-winning packaging provides the ultimate protection for books so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. The innovative design of our book wraps makes books easy to package, and then packaging easy to remove when they reach your customers. When the packaging is removed, your book will avoid any potential for tearing or crinkled pages with the easy tear strip. Watch Fred Lill (owner of Lil Packaging), apply the packaging in 16 seconds:

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Key features

The Lil Packaging Bukwrap and twistwraps have several key features that have become standard in the industry. Our best features include: Variable-depth design High-strength corrugated kraft board Hot-melt peel ‘n’ seal systems Easy-tear opening strips All contribute to reduced transport costs and lower postage costs for sellers. Also, the innovative design contributes to fewer returns with reinforced corners and sides to protect books from knocks and bumps that are inevitable in transit.

Environmentally friendly book wraps

Lil Packaging takes our impact on the environment seriously and we provide environmentally friendly packaging solutions for small, medium and large retailers. Our book wraps have five key environmentally friendly features, they are all:


Use eco inks on packaging design

FSC Certified

100% recyclable

Produced in the UK

We made eco-friendly practices a key part of our production process to help our customers meet environmental goals at every level.

Sizes of bookwrap

We have twelve different sizes of bookwrap:

CD - 145x130x0-30 mm

C-COM - 285x195x0-40 mm

C1 - 216x154x0-55 mm

C2 - 260x175x0-70 mm

C3 - 311x240x0-50 mm

C4 - 326x280x0-70 mm

C5 - 415x355x0-100 mm

C6 - 540x330x0-140 mm

CLP - 330x330x0-30 mm

C-EP - 198x195x0-22 mm

C-B5 - 270x190x0-80 mm

C-A4 - 303x215x0-77 mm

If you have specific requirements then discuss your business needs with our friendly team.

Sizes of twistwrap

We have three different sizes of twistwrap:

L-EG-01 - 195x140x30-80 mm

L-EG-03 - 305x203x30-80 mm

L-SQ - 300x300x30-105 mm

If you have specific requirements then discuss your business needs with our friendly team.


We answer the most frequently asked questions we get from our book wrap and twistwrap customers.

What is the best packaging for books?

Cardboard book wraps, such as the Lil Packaging Bukwrap, are the ideal solution for transporting books in the postal system. They are designed to not require additional packaging, like craft paper or bubble wrap. When delivered, depending on the size of the book, they can be placed in letter boxes. They are supplied with peel-and-seal adhesive systems, so there is no need for additional adhesive tape.

How do you pack books for posting?

Books are relatively hardy, but they still need adequate packing for posting. We recommend that you avoid using excess bubble wrap or craft paper and use a cardboard book mailer or book wrap.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to using a book wrap for a book ready for posting:

Lay your Bukwrap on a flat surface.

Open the interior cardboard flaps.

Place your book in the middle of the flaps.

Align the book with the outer edge of the cardboard.

Close the flaps around the book.

Hold the flaps tight to the book.

Continue to hold the book whilst rolling the Bukwrap over the unused side of the cardboard.

Remove the tape over the adhesive.

Fold the adhesive section over the cardboard-covered book.

Apply pressure to the adhesive section to ensure a tight seal.

If you need additional assistance, watch our owner Fred show you the benefits on our Lil Packaging Youtube Channel.

What is the difference between Book Wraps and Twistwraps?

A book wrap is designed specifically for books. The flaps that encase the books are in line with the front edge of the packaging. Whereas twist wraps are designed for other items and are more versatile. Twist wraps are flat cardboard squares that need to be ‘twisted’ before being folded over the desired product. The flaps are often in the center of the cardboard. If you are unsure of what packaging product you need then contact our friendly team and discuss your requirements.