Clarins - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

Clarins - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

 “To do more, do better, and enjoy doing so”, a long term vision which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Clarins was founded in Paris by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954 under the core belief that well-being and happiness we inextricably linked to beauty. Whilst the innovation behind Clarins products have been inspired by the science of nature they have remained committed to protecting the planet. The challenge was to change their current transit boxes to a more gift box style.Estella Bartlett - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

The Problem

Clarins were originally using bubble bags which they felt didn’t suit their brand or reflect the quality of their beauty products.Estella Bartlett - eCommerce Packaging Case Study

The Solution

Lil introduced the Breezebox, Clarins loved the stylish look of the breezepaper and the fact this was incorporated into the box was a bonus.

The Outcome

The Breezebox was the perfect solution, not only improving the packing time but ultimately creating a much better unboxing experience for the customer.

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