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Charlotte Tilbury - Custom Packaging Case Study

Charlotte Tilbury - Custom Packaging Case Study

Charlotte Tilbury is a famous British make-up artist who launched her own beauty brand in 2013, with a line-up of skincare and makeup. Alongside its own ecommerce platform, the brand is now stocked in many major department stores such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Fenwick's, as well as Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, and Nordstrom in the US.

The Challenge

The brand has won over 300 global awards since launch and has been recognised with an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2018 for services to the beauty and cosmetics industry. As part of Charlotte Tilbury’s continued success and exceptional growth, the business decided that it was time further upgraded their ecommerce packaging, specifically focusing on eliminating single use plastic and improving their customers unboxing experience.

The Problem

When Lil Packaging was first approached by Charlotte Tilbury in early 2019 with an invitation to tender. Our Product Development Manager had sent a sample of the Lil Breezebox, which we believe to the perfect product for eliminating single use plastic and enhancing the customer unboxing experience. Upon receiving the sample, Charlotte Tilbury’s Commercial Director James Houston was absolutely blow away by the Lil Breezebox and had cancelled the tender altogether and decided to work solely with Lil Packaging on the project.

A meeting was soon after was set up at Charlotte Tilbury’s distribution centre, where it very quickly became evident that CT were using too many different box sizes which were causing a lot of confusion amongst the fulfilment team and needed to be streamlined. Furthermore, a vast amount of void fill and tape was being used which only negative impact on the fulfilment speed and the customer unboxing experience.

The Solution

Having studied Charlotte Tilbury’s s most popular selling SKUs, Lil Packaging were able to effectively streamline CT’s box range down to four custom Breezeboxes vs the seven sizes that they were previously using. The integrated Breeze tissue paper, patented by Lil had a major impact on reducing the amount of void fill used and significantly enhanced the customer unboxing experience. Moreover, the, Breezeboxes pop-up construction had shown to increase fulfilment speed by at least 20%, which is only a positive especially during busy periods.

The Outcome

Charlotte Tilbury discovered that the Lil Breezebox has proven to be the perfect solution in eliminating void fill and improving the customer unboxing experience. Furthermore, the warehouse team have benefited for at least 20% faster fulfilment and a streamlined easy to use box range.

To this day Charlotte Tilbury remains a loyal customer of Lil Packaging and are still extremely happy with the Breezebox and the excellent service provided. In fact, CT are now exploring international supply with Lil Packaging.