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Custom Printed Vinyl Packaging - Rough Trade Records

Custom Printed Vinyl Packaging

Introducing Rough Trade Records

Introducing Rough Trade Records, an iconic label that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Established in 1978 in the UK, Rough Trade quickly became synonymous with groundbreaking music and a commitment to independent artists.

With a roster that spans genres and generations, Rough Trade has consistently championed innovation and authenticity. From punk rock to indie pop, from electronic to folk, the label has been home to some of the most influential and pioneering artists of their time.

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Beyond just a record label, Rough Trade has also played a pivotal role in shaping the music landscape through its legendary record stores. These vibrant hubs of creativity have served as gathering places for music lovers and emerging artists alike, fostering a sense of community and discovery.

Today, Rough Trade continues to uphold its legacy as a tastemaker and trendsetter, releasing music that challenges conventions and resonates deeply with audiences around the world. Whether you're a seasoned music aficionado or just beginning your exploration, Rough Trade Records offers a rich tapestry of sounds waiting to be discovered.

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Vinyl Packaging Principals for Rough Trade

At Lil Packaging, we understood what Rough Trade would be looking for with their branded packaging by focusing on key elements that align with the record label's values and priorities. Below is a list of some of the key principals Rough Trade would want to incorporate with their branded vinyl packaging.

  1. Sustainability: In line with contemporary environmental concerns, Rough Trade would likely seek packaging solutions that minimize waste and environmental impact. This could involve using recyclable materials, reducing plastic usage, or even exploring biodegradable packaging options.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Given their reputation for curating not just music but also visual art, Rough Trade's packaging would likely reflect a keen sense of design. Expect sleek, eye-catching designs that capture the essence of the music within and stand out on store shelves or in online listings.

  3. Protection and Durability: Ensuring that the product arrives intact and undamaged is crucial. Rough Trade would prioritize packaging that provides adequate protection for vinyl records or CDs during transit, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping.

  4. Functionality and User Experience: Packaging should be intuitive and easy to use for both customers and retailers. This could involve features like easy-open seals, clear labeling, or even additional inserts or content that enhance the overall experience of unboxing a Rough Trade release.

  5. Brand Cohesion: Packaging should reinforce the Rough Trade brand identity and values. Whether through logo placement, color schemes, or messaging, every aspect of the packaging should resonate with the ethos of Rough Trade Records.

By prioritizing these elements, Rough Trade can ensure that their packaging not only protects and promotes their products but also aligns with their values and resonates with their audience.

Rough Trades Bespoke Vinyl Packaging Solution

To align with Rough Trade's packaging principles, Lil Packaging has developed custom solutions tailored to their specific needs:

  1. Custom Printed Vinyl Mailer and Book Mailer: Lil Packaging manufactured a custom printed, self-sealing FLP flatpack vinyl mailer and C3 bukwrap book mailer. These solutions are designed to accommodate Rough Trade's diverse range of products while ensuring secure packaging and easy assembly.

Custom Printed Vinyl Packaging
  1. Record-breaking Dispatch Times: Lil Packaging's combination of hot-melt peel and seal, along with easy peel release paper, has enabled Rough Trade to achieve record-breaking dispatch times without compromising on quality. This efficient packaging solution ensures that orders are processed swiftly, meeting the demands of Rough Trade's fast-paced operations.

  2. Frustration-free Unboxing Experience: Lil Packaging's vinyl mailers feature a red tear strip opening for a frustration-free unboxing experience. This innovative design eliminates the need for knives or scissors, reducing the risk of damage to the precious vinyl and sleeves inside while enhancing customer satisfaction.

  3. Tamper-evident Seal and Security: The tamper-evident seal on Lil Packaging's vinyl mailers provides added security during transit, assuring Rough Trade and its customers that their products have not been tampered with. This feature reinforces Rough Trade's commitment to delivering high-quality, intact merchandise to its clientele.

  4. Efficient Scaling of Dispatches: With over 98% of orders dispatched within 24 hours, Lil Packaging's efficient packaging solutions have enabled Rough Trade to scale its dispatches effectively. By streamlining operations and reducing turnaround times, Rough Trade can meet increasing demand while maintaining operational excellence.

  5. Flexible Delivery Options and Stock Holding Facilities: Lil Packaging offers smaller, regular deliveries to accommodate Rough Trade's limited warehouse space. Additionally, their extensive stock holding facilities serve as a buffer during peak seasons, ensuring uninterrupted supply to Rough Trade's distribution channels.

  6. Dedicated Account Manager: Rough Trade now benefits from having their own dedicated Account Manager at Lil Packaging. This consistent point of contact facilitates seamless communication for packaging orders and any changing requirements, enhancing efficiency and customer service.

By implementing these solutions, Lil Packaging has not only met but exceeded Rough Trade's packaging expectations, supporting their commitment to sustainability, aesthetic appeal, product protection, functionality, and brand cohesion.

Custom Printed Vinyl Packaging

The Results

Improved Unboxing Experience

Rough Trade Records' customers experienced a significant enhancement in their unboxing experience, thanks to the thoughtful design and user-friendly features of the custom mailers.

Increased Brand Awareness

The incorporation of branding elements on the packaging contributed to greater brand visibility and recognition among customers.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The introduction of faster packing speeds and reduced material wastage resulted in improved operational efficiency for Rough Trade Records.

Enhanced Product Protection

The custom mailers provided enhanced strength and security, virtually eliminating the risk of product damage during transit.

Positive Customer Feedback

Rough Trade Records received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers following the switch to Lil Packaging's solutions, with zero returns due to failed packaging reported.

"We approached Lil Packaging with the challenge of providing our customers with an improved unboxing experience and increased brand awareness.

 During the early stages of the project we were provided with sound advice as well as samples which not only met our requirements but also provided us with what we feel to be the best looking Vinyl and CD mailers on the market!

 Our new custom mailers also came with the added bonus of faster packing speeds (we were using a lot of tape at the time); improved strength and security; as well as providing our customers with frustration free tear cord seal which virtually eradicated the risk of damaging expensive vinyl records on opening (ie no scissor/knives required!).

We've already had great feedback from our customers since the switch and zero returns due to failed packaging. As a custom printed e-commerce packaging provider, Lil Packaging comes highly recommended." Rough Trade Records

We're thrilled with how the design of the vinyl mailers incorporates some of the most iconic band logos and record sleeves from the past four decades. It seamlessly extends the experience customers would expect from the Rough Trade website and their in-store ambiance.

This serves as a perfect illustration of the impact of e-commerce packaging in creating unboxing experiences that amplify brand exposure. As the ultimate touchpoint, perfecting the delivery experience can leave a lasting impression. In this instance, it's certainly one that won't be forgotten.

Ready to elevate your unboxing experience? Shop our vinyl packaging solutions now and discover why we're the preferred choice for vinyl distributors and enthusiasts worldwide. With our commitment to innovative design, high-quality materials, and seamless customer experience, we're here to help you make every delivery memorable.

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